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A warm welcome to Parow East Primary School

Mrs M.J. Heyns

Welcome to Parow East Primary School

At Parow East Primary School we believe that education shapes the character of an individual and quality, holistic development of our learners are very important.

Educators are the most primary asset that a school can have. We have a dedicated and efficient team who always puts the interest of the learners first. We strive towards a structured learning environment within the framework of our value system. To be respectful, honest, obedient and to persevere are the values central to our ethos. We want the learners of our school to become responsible, productive and self-motivated.

In a world that is changing at an increasing pace, education needs to grow and change with it in order to prepare our learners for the future. We strive through teaching to unlock the learner’s potential and guide them to take the next step, armed with knowledge and wisdom – to take them as far and as high as they wish to go.

We also know how important it is to build strong parent-teacher relationships and we are thankful for parents who are involved with their children. They contribute to the positive environment where our children feel safe and protected.

The children are taught to contribute to the well-being of the community. In these difficult times, we reach out to our community.

In 2024, our focus will be CARING and also further emphasising the IMPORTANCE OF VALUES, because at Parow East … WE MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Mrs M.J. Heyns


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