School Management Team (SMT) 2018

SMT 1: Staff Management:

Ms E. Schoeman

Responsible for handling of any matter regarding the Staff. Manages staff information, facilitates university students, supervision of staff absentee register and planning and co-ordinating of staff meetings and functions.

SMT 2: Information and Applications Management:

Ms L. Janse van Rensburg

Responsible for information distribution to staff and parents, as well as managing the yearly school planning, SIAS documentation and termly programme co-ordination. Accountable for updating the complete information system of all learners. Supervises the entire learner application system, monitoring any accepted applications or learners exiting the school.

SMT 3: Academics and Teaching Management:

Mrs H. Schoeman (Foundation Phase)
Mrs S. Kruger (Inter/Sen. Phase)

Responsible for:

  • Administration of thorough, didactic teaching programme-main stream and learner support.
  • Management of teaching methods, training and information sessions (internal and MNED), classroom management, mentoring and co-ordination of Subject and Grade Heads.
  •  Manage that all classroom activities, moderation (pre and post), teaching strategies and learning programmes correlate with the CAPS Curriculum.
  • Provide feedback report, concerns and successes regarding all academics to the principal, at the end of every term.
  • Approve, manage and mentor visiting university students.
  • Manage the programme of leadership (Student Council) - Mrs S. Kruger
  • Co-ordinate educational school visits and educational outings.

SMT 4: Premises and Terrain Management

Mr H. Searle

Responsible for managing of any matter regarding the School premises (building and grounds). With the support of the general staff, ensures the up-keep of premises to ensure safety and neatness. With WCED regulations, controls the usage of all non-consumable supplies and manages the inventory, with the assistance of Mr A. Van der Merwe.

SMT 5: Financial Management

Mrs T. Heyns

Responsible for managing of any matter regarding the school’s finances. With the support of the financial secretary, Mrs E. Britz, this daunting task has many facets, while remaining in-line with the financial policy guidelines: facilitates fund-raising events, monitoring any income and all expenses of the school (including managing school fee payments), control of account payments, distribution of sponsorships and compiling of the annual financial statements and budget.

SMT 6: Cultural Management

Ms A. Windt

Co-ordinated and manages the following cultural activities: Choir, Eisteddfod, Community Outreach and the annual Prize-giving. Organises any festivities the school might celebrate (E.g. the school’s birthday). Supervision of the educational outing programme, in conjunction with the relevant Grade Heads.

SMT 7: Sport Management:

Mr H. Searle

Responsible for the planning of sports programme for the year. Manages all sports divisions, with the support of the sport head for each sport provided. Keeps control of sports equipment inventory, purchasing of equipment and overall neatness and participation of sport-playing learners. Responsible for the co-ordination and organisation of our annual Athletics events and Winter Sports Day.

SMT: Additional Managerial Divisions:

Aftercare Management: Mrs T. Heyns (Mrs Rosenkrans)
Safety Management: Mr H. Searle
Learner Support: Mrs A. Van der Merwe and Ms A. Roux

Physical Address

Selbourne street
Parow East Parow
Western Cape

Contact Details

Phone: 021 930 8655
Fax: 021 930 1451

Admissions 2021

2021 Learner admissions open from 17 February 2020 to 17 march 2020.

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