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The admission policy of Parow East Primary School is determined by the governing body of the school. The implementation of the policy is the responsibility of the principal as member of the governing body. The admission policy is based on the vision and mission of the school. The goal is the preservation of standards, values and the ethos of the school as well as the optimal realization of its potential. It provides for the admission of any learner who, together with his/her parents/guardians undertake to respect the Christian character, values, norms, customs, culture, language medium and code of conduct of the school.

Age restriction

On 1 January of the year of admission a learner may not be more than two years older than the grade average. The following are the accepted grade averages:

Grade R : 6 years
Grade 1 : 7 years
Grade 2 : 8 years
Grade 3 : 9 years
Grade 4 : 10 years
Grade 5 : 11 years
Grade 6 : 12 years
Grade 7 : 13 years

This stipulation acknowledges the developmental requirements of the different peer groups. Any learner who may in the view of the principal and the governing body upset the existing peer groups, does not qualify for admission.

Feeder area

Preference will be given to prospective learners who live with their parents/guardians in the immediate feeder area of the school, provided that they also meet all the other requirements and that the prescribed application procedures were followed. Learners living outside the school’s immediate enrolment area will be considered on merit if the school can accommodate further learners.


If a learner does not live close to school, he/she must have access to appropriate means of transport to ensure that he/she will be on time for school and co curricular school activities. Transport with the aim of school attendance or participation in extramural activities is at own cost.

Medical history

A medical certificate is required for admission.

Foundation of tuition and learning

Our schooling is based on value-driven principles and has a strong family (community) orientated culture and tradition, as starting point. The medium of instruction is correct English.

Academic ability

A learner (with the exception of Grade 1) must provide satisfactory proof that he/she has passed the previous grade.

Language ability

Learners must have the proven language ability to receive schooling in English Home Language and Afrikaans - at an additional language level. The principal may use his discretion in the testing of the linguistic skills of any learner before considering any application for admission.

Financial obligations

The parents/guardians of every enrolled learner must honour their financial obligations towards the school in the prescribed manner.

School rules and discipline

The applicant has to sign the code of conduct which applies to learners from Grade 4 -7. The parents/guardians have to undertake in writing to accept the code of conduct, the school rules and the authority of the school.


All learners who meet the requirements as contained in the policy are very welcome to join Parow East Primary School.

Written undertaking

Admission to Parow East Primary School is subject to the signing of a written undertaking by the parents/guardians of the prospective learner which states that they and the learner will honour the schools admission requirements and conditions. This undertaking is binding for the duration of the learner’s involvement with the school.


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Admissions 2021

2021 Learner admissions open from 17 February 2020 to 17 march 2020.

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