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Compulsory school fees as determined by the Governing Body are payable for each learner. The amount is determined yearly on the basis of an approved budget to make provision for the running costs of the school. The school fees for 2024 will be R9 300.

The amount due can be paid in one of the following ways.

● A lump sum (R8 370) at the beginning of the school year. (10% discount for this option)
● Quarterly at the beginning of each term
● Ten monthly instalments of R930 (February to November)

Aftercare fees for 2024:
Grade R-7: R38 per day


Only meritorious cases qualify for discount or exemption on school fees.

Full particulars, as well as the necessary application forms, can be obtained from the school on request.

These forms and all supporting documentation must be handed in to Ms Van der Linde annually before 31 March.

Extra Curricular FEES

Parow East Primary School offers remedial classes and sport practices at no extra costs. However, the school does have private vendors that also offer up a variety of additional extra curricular activities. If parents or guardians choose to enrol their children by these private institutes, parents and guardians may be expected to have a payment plan with them.